Tete Molly:Living with Mother in Law is a Nightmare


We stay with our in-laws. My father in-law is late so amai does not want us to go and look for accommodation elsewhere. My husband enjoys taking a bath with me all the time — the problem, however, is that this is not going down well with my mother in-law.

She accuses me of kuvasvotesa since she no longer has a husband. I am confused because my hubby insists that is the way he wants it. During the night we lock our bedroom door and to my surprise she does not like this either. She says murikundipumha uroyi indirectly.

I personally like to clean and organise my bedroom, but in some cases I do not have the time to do it before I go for work.


My mother in-law usually takes these opportunities to make my bed, change the order in my room and pack the closet. I think she is crossing my path and violating my personal space.

I do not like this Tete Molly, I am so unhappy and it is affecting our marriage. I told my husband to talk to his mother and he said ndaneta, havateereri. She is always boasting about her house and she thinks she can push us back and forth because we are at her house.

Our relationship is now at rock bottom please assist. It is like I am married to two men – who do I listen to? Please assist.

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