Tezvara’ grabs son-in-law by his te_sticles,assaults him for failing to pay lobola


IF one has balls they rise to the occasion when it matters, but it was not so for a man from Lalapanzi whose jewels were squeezed by his father-in-law during a fight over lobola.


Anywhere Mudzvidzvo(above) from Makomborero village in Lalapanzi, Midlands Province was struck twice with an axe on his left leg by his father-in-law, a Mr Chimbochena, who capped it with squeezing his te_sticles as punishment for failing to pay lobola.


Mudzvidzvo, as a result, fainted for at least five hours. He regained his consciousness at Mvuma District Hospital where he is recovering.

Recounting the gruesome details of the attack at the hands of his father-in-law, Mudzvidzvo, who sustained a deep cut on his leg, said it was an unexpected attack.

His misery started after he visited his wife at her sister’s homestead where she had gone after a domestic dispute.

“What happened is that I visited my wife who was at her sister’s place after she phoned me saying one of our children was not feeling well. Upon arrival her sister locked her together with our two children in her bedroom hut saying I was not going to see them because I had not paid lobola,” he said.

Mudzvidzvo, however, relentlessly begged her sister-in-law to unlock the door saying he wanted to see his child who was not feeling well.

After begging for some time, his sister-in-law later allowed him access to his family.

He continued narrating his traumatic story speaking about the miracle of having survived the attack.

“After exchanging pleasantries, my wife left the children in my custody saying she was going to the toilet yet she had rushed to her parents’ home to tell them that I was at her sister’s place.

“After some time I was surprised when I saw her father armed with an axe and his two sons with sjamboks charging towards a tree I was sitting under.

“Without saying a word they severely pounced on me with fists and feet all over the body. They pressed their gumboots against my chest while my te_sticles were subjected to squeezing by my father-in-law who said it was punishment for not paying lobola.

“I screamed in pain before he went on to strike my left leg with an axe. I don’t know what happened afterwards because I passed out. I later regained consciousness at the hospital where I was told that my father-in-law and his sons fled from the scene as I was being taken to the hospital,” he said while reclining in a wheelchair.

Mudzvidzvo said his father-in-law had reportedly planned to cut off his private parts but was advised by one of his sons not to do so arguing that squeezing them hard was a painful enough punishment.

Fambisayi Mudzvidzvo, Anywhere’s father, said following the arrest of his son’s attackers they were now waiting for justice to take its course.

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