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Mnangagwa is running away from the crimes he has committed while in the government – Jonathan Moyo


Higher, Tertiary  Science and Technology Minister Jonathan Moyo who has for so long been locked in a serious retribution battle with former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made sensational claims that the latter’s escape to the foreign lands was because he is guilty conscious of the crimes he has committed while in government.

Mnangagwa was fired from both Zanu PF and government this week and reportedly skipped the border into South Africa, but latest reports say he has arrived in China.

In a tweet Moyo said “when a senior official is fired from a high ranking government office & they jump the border into self exile within hours of their dismissal, you know that they are running away from being legally held to account for heinous crimes they committed and covered up while in office


The tweet attracted scores of followers with some firing attacks on him while some complemented his remarks.


Another social media user questioned if Moyo who was making vitriol attacks on Mnangagwa was not the one who was once fired by the same party.

In his response Moyo said “I did not jump the border when I was fired in 2005. I stayed put right here in Zimbabwe as I had nothing and no one to run away from into self exile. It’s real thieves and murderous cowards who jump the border after they’re fired from the high positions they abused when in office

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