The Madman who was anointed by Prophet Magaya LEAKS Top SECRET


This story has grabbed a lot of attention in the past few weeks about the madman who was healed by Man of God prophet magaya, now The man rescued by Prophet Walter Magaya says he had been bewitched for money by a blood relative. Garikayi Zindi who was given a house by Magaya last week, initially did not want to have anything to do with his father whom he accused of neglecting him.

“Prophet Magaya, you have set me free, and why are you doing all this to me when you have already played your part? I want to work and buy my own things. Now that Prophet Magaya has set me free, I wonder what those who were using me to make money will do,” said Garikayi as he was given the keys to his house in Rusape.

His father, Judah Zindi, of Zindi Village in Honde Valley, said he never bothered to look for his son after he fell ill. Judah, a traditional healer, said his son started developing problems when he visited his brother.

“Garikayi was a normal and intelligent boy, and did not take lightly my separation with his mother Hilda (who is mute). Garikayi was the eldest son and was trying all he could to locate his mother when he visited my brother and lost his mind,” said Judah.

“Garikayi had a misunderstanding with my second wife after I separated with Hilda and wanted her to leave. He loved his mother and he remained briefly in Osborne where I was working under National Parks and Wild Life and vanished to look for her and other children.

“I paid for his education and after he completed his O-Level he worked as a temporary teacher. He was a bright boy and eloquent in English. It started in 2001 when I was still in Osborne when I heard that Garikayi had lost his senses and was living in the streets feeding on waste food from the bins. I hold my brother responsible, and I also take blame for doing little to locate and have my son treated.

Prophet Magaya secret leaked

“I failed to locate Garikayi because I made no effort. I did not know where he was all along until last week when visitors from PHD knocked on my door saying Garikayi had given them directions. I could not believe their story until I saw him by my two eyes. I was humbled by what Prophet Magaya has done to my son. I thank him for praying for him and restoring his mind. This house is a miracle to us,” said Judah.

Garikayi initially had a heated argument with his father, blaming him for neglecting him for over a decade of vagrancy.

He finally accepted their apology and Prophet Magaya reunited them promising to hand over the house he bought along with PHD prayer partners, saying the house is in Garikayi’s name.

The whole family will stay at the house under the care of PHD. Magaya explained why he helped Garikai.

“We are talking about someone who had 15 years of his life trapped by evil spirits of insanity. If you talk to him, you could tell that he still has a lot of catch ups to do. There are still moments of flash backs here and there and an analysis of his background shows that his family is under attack.

“This problem started in 2001 when Prophet Magaya was not even there. He was a regular client in the streets of Rusape, not by deployment from Prophet Magaya, but as result of mashiripiti emumisha. He went to his father’s brother and lost his mind as a young boy. The spirit we are fighting against wants to come back to repossess him. It shows that people who attack us are determined to see us suffering,” said Prophet Magaya.

“The house cost some few thousands, we did everything, the painting, tiling, so it carries real value. To Zimbabweans, I want to say Jesus is alive. Yes, there are such doubting Thomases saying Garikayi was not mentally disturbed, but a street kid that I cleaned and clothed…..(laughs) I don’t think there is need for such. I think I am well known serving a God of wonders and miracles and here is the evidence of what God can do to those who know him in Rusape.

This is pure evidence that Jesus is alive. The people of Rusape know him more than I do. You can talk to him and he can tell you everything. But what I can tell you is that there is still need for some catch up on him. So people may say I have cleaned him up, that is up to them to say so, but this is not the first time to heal a mentally disturbed person. You do not accuse another person of making a fake miracle when they are still alive because that parson can repeat it again, maybe to your relative, then you can be sure that is God. I will continue to empower people no matter what critics say. Where I can stretch a hand, I will stretch. Garikayi’s case is a manifestation of the power of God. He was neither a street kid nor deployed by anyone in the street,” said Prophet Magaya.