Entertainment & Zim Celebs The mystery that was Andy Brown remains unsolved – Five Years ON

The mystery that was Andy Brown remains unsolved – Five Years ON


In death as in life, the mystery that was Andy Brown remains unsolved.


2. In fact,  Andy aka Godfrey aka Mavunganidze aka Cadia Shoko’s colourful personal life has taken another interesting twist, five years after the iconic star breathed his last.

As a tribute to the late great musician, who died at Parirenyatwa Hospital on March 16, 2012, The Sunday Mail Leisure last week made the arduous journey from Harare to Chavengwa, Mudavanhu Village in Mberengwa where Andy Brown is buried.


His grave is covered with a beautiful granite tombstone shaped like a guitar in honour of the amazing things Andy Brown did with the instrument over the decades.

A four-bedroom stonework house he built next to Gomusasa River near Chomugoti Mountain has collapsed and is now home to a variety of small reptiles, rodents and insects. The weather has had its way with the house and there is simply no life.The adjacent compound built for his mother also offers little sign of life.But it was there that we found Gogo Ntombana Ncube, the woman who claims to be the late Brown’s biological mother.

Gogo Ncube (80) lives with her great-granddaughter, who is disabled and in urgent need of professional care.

The two have one cow and four goats. No chickens scratch and peck around the yard. But Ncube still has enough energy to cultivate her fields, which have maize, groundnuts, finger millet and cowpeas.

She says this produce, plus Government aid, carry them through each year.When we arrived at the homestead having fought the horrible, rain-damaged roads and contended with collapsed bridges for over seven hours, and having walked almost 3km, Gogo Ncube was about to go to the river for a bath — but she put it on hold.“Visitors from Harare, with our roads badly damaged by rains, this is completely unexpected, I’m so delighted — please come inside,” she said as she appraised my colleagues Believe Nyakudjara and Tendai Chara, and myself.

After identifying ourselves and stating why we wanted to see Andy Brown’s resting place, Gogo Ncube asked us to feel at home and treat ourselves to sweet sorghum (ipwa).As one of my colleagues went to the nearby field to get some of the snack, she sat down and started talking …