The true REASON Macheso WAITED 4 years to RELEASE an ALBUM


ALL things being equal, would have released his album last year.However,The new members of Orchestra Mberikwazvo struggled to reach the minimum levels set by Macheso for an album that reflects his artistry.And instead of living up to his promise of an album in 2015,Macheso prioritised quality and delayed the project until now.

The album titled Tsoka Dzerwendo is now set for release on March 21,almost four years after his last project which did not do well,at least according to his own standards.The official launch has been slated for March 24 at the giant Harare International Conference Center (HICC).

Macheso recruited new members after the departure of Noel Nyazanda,Obert Gomba and Jonasi Kasamba to form Extra Kwazvose together with dancer Francis “Slomo” Dhaka.There is a school of thought that the rhythm guitar is what drives sungura music and Macheso lost three key members in Lucky Mumiriki,who suffered a stroke,Zakaria Zakaria and Innocent Mijuntu who pursed solo careers.


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The new arrivals,who include Devine Muzenda,Mike Maikoro and Tafi Nyamunda,according to Macheso took time to get into the real groove of Orchestra Mberikwazvo.In an exclusive interview with H-Metro at his Waterfalls home yesterday,Macheso said it is now time to share with his fans.

“Umwe akadva kuPengaudzoke,umwe kwaKapfupi,umwe kwaDembo and they came with styles that do not suit orchestra Mberikwazvo,”he said.

“Zvakafanana nekuti kana player ikabva kuDembare ichienda kuKepekepe,coach anopinda busy achimudzidzisa mutambirwo unoitwa kuDhingos.

“The player usually is relegated to the bench seeing others playing.The coach will be giving him instructions and tips regarding how his team plays.

“That was the same situation with us;it was a long process teaching the guys to get into the groove (of Orchestra Mberikwazvo):Telling them that here we do it this way,no this is not it,do it that way and it worked out,”explained Macheso.

Baba Sharo siad his new crop is talented but it takes a process to adjust,just like any other field.

“When you joined H-Metro I believe your bosses were patient with you while you adjusted to the style and that was what was happening here.

“I believe at one stage they (bosses)told you that ‘no we don’t do this here,this is now how we address issues of this nature and so on…”said Macheso.He said rushing to release the album was,possibly going to distort his style and he had to be patient.

“Now the album is ready and we are releasing because that is what we wanted.The guys did an exceptional job,”he said.

He said the desire to have his own studio,where he works at his pace was also among the reasons for the delay.Macheso now owns Alema Studios in Chitungwiza where the album was recorded,which he said will be open to any artists

The studio is open to everyone and will be very affordable.Most of the studios charge US$20 per hour and I know it Takes a lot to get that money so I will charge half of that,”he said.

Macheso described the forthcoming album as ‘special’ given the time he had starved his fans of the new project.He,however,said labeling the forthcoming album special has nothing to do with comparisons with previous albums but the period his fans endured without new music.

“This is the fourth year without a new album and that makes it (Tsoka Dzerwendo)special.”said Macheso.

“I don’t rate albums because to me they are all best so when I say is a special album it has nothing to do with comparing it with other albums.

“For these four years,we have managed to come up with something special,”added Macheso. He said though he has been under pressure from his fans,nothing much has changed when it comes to turnouts during live shows.

“It was not only the fans that wanted the new album,even my family here at home.Amai Sharo vaitoti nhaimi tatadzeiko takudawoka zvitsva,so this is a big relief to me that the album is finally here.

“However,my fans have been very supportive,it was (live shows)just the same with those who were releasing each year.There was no much difference.

“I also took my time listening to what other musicians have been releasing and tried to come up with something different,”he said.

He said the album carries 6 tracks namely Baba,Kurarama Inyasha,Gugwa,Wandirangaridza,Munyaradzi and Mude all inspired by people’s day-to-day living.

“I have seen a lot in this industry as well as a Humanitarian Ambassador with Red Cross.As a musician,you don’t need to crack your mind but sing what surrounds you.We all sing the same message but in different ways.

“I have seen a lot of things that I sing about and some I have experienced it.

“The same with gospel musicians,the word of God they are preaching is the same but just in different ways,”he said.

Macheso said he will dispatch at least 100 000 copies of the CD next Monday,a move he said is meant to counter piracy.

“As we speak 450 000 copies are ready and by Monday we will have reached the target.”We have a very vibrant team that will be in the streets of all cities and towns on the day of release.

“The CD is costing US$1 the same price with the pirated ones and I am pleading with my fans to go for the original one vasiyane nemidhosvo,”said Macheso.

“I want to thank my fans for the support,Jive Zimbabwe for hosting the album launch.Paints for the support not leaving out Zimbabwe Red Cross,my second home,”said Macheso.

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