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Themba Mliswa must Go – Norton residents in demo


A united front consisting of disgruntled and fearless Norton residents from Zimbabwe’s two main political parties, the ruling ZANU PF and opposition MDC-T, demonstrated at the end of last week in a direct  protest against Hon Peter Temba Mliswa and went on to surrender petitioning one to the Minister of Local Government Hon. Saviour Kasukuwere.

The other to Hon. Speaker of the Parliament of Zimbabwe Jacob Mudenda demanding that the two take drastic and appropriate disciplinary measures to tame the notorious Member of Parliament for Norton who has gone bizack, demanding the total expulsion of Norton Town Council management and councillors on alleged claims of poor service delivery. However, residents have taken to the streets arguing that Mliswa was the cause behind poor service delivery by Norton Town Council as his undiplomatic and political incorrectness and interference were repeatedly making it very hard for Council to perform its bona-fide duties.



The petition read as follows and I quote


This letter serves to notify you,Hon Speaker of the Parliament of Zimbabwe, Hon Jacob Mudenda on Norton Resident’s protest and petition over TEMBA PETER MLISWA’s continued disruptions of Norton Town Council service delivery.

Mliswa is an agent and perpetrator of violence and his behavior has promoted social disharmony and he has failed to represent our interests and has subverted his role as legislator to that of oppressor.

He has totally failed as a parliamentarian or legislator to play the important role in the life of Norton constituency. Mliswa has not performed his three main functions which comprise of;
a) the making of new laws, changing existing laws and repealing laws which are no longer needed;
b) representing and articulating the views and wishes of the citizens in decision-making processes and
c) overseeing the activities of the executive so that as the Government you are accountable to the people.

Our petition is so that you as Minister can assist us achieve good governance which requires the existence of a strong, effective and efficient parliamentarian, duties which MrMliswa has repeatedly and dismally failed to discharge.

He has failed as a parliamentarian to play the crucial role in gauging, collating and presenting our views and needs as a people, articulating our expectations and aspirations in determining the national development agenda of our quasi-government of Norton.

Mliswa has not performed well his role of as oversight body, and has thus failed to help us residents identify problems and policy challenges that require attention. The MP has never assisted residents in overcoming bureaucratic inertia but has instead caused the grounding to a halt of service delivery in Norton, a sad development which has negatively affected the social, economic and cultural life of citizens, with women and children being adversely impacted.

In analyzing progress made so far by Mliswatowards good governance in Norton, residents have observed that the incapability of Mr.Mliswa to perform his functions efficiently and effectively has been our major concern in Norton. Indeed, Norton Town, due to Mliswa has turned out to be themost underdeveloped town in Zimbabwe as we have suffered from long months of dishonorable authoritarian and military dictatorship, being orchestrated by Mliswa.

Your cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated.
Yours faithfully,
Norton Residents”

Efforts to reach both Mliswa, the residents and the Norton Town Council officials were however futile as the telecommunications network malfunctioned at the time the story went to bed. The demonstration was organised by Mr. Denford Ngadziore, the president of Norton Residents Forum.

Residents claim that Mliswa duped them as the electorate after promising them manna-from-heaven during last year’s Norton October by-election. He is also alleged to have vehemently castigated the President of Zimbabwe, His Excellence, Cde Robert Mugabe, the entire ZANU PF party and the Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, the President of the MDC-T, which is Zimbabwe’s main opposition party.

Mliswa is on borrowed parliamentary seat, which he fradulantly solicited from the unsuspecting camps of both the ruling ZANU PF and MDC-T parties. He is further alleged to have made known his intentions to challenge President Mugabe in the watershed election in 2018.

Mliswa is on a prodigal merry-go-round Christopher Columbus kind-of triangular voyage, after being sacked from ZANU PF due to his headstrong attitude. He was MP for a mere 16 months in rural Hurungwe constituency before diving head-on with residents of Norton at the October 22nd by-election social contract that was never honoured but violated.

The two petitions clearly show that the residents of Norton have a story to tell and a lesson learnt from hiring an independent candidate to play MP.

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