‘Thomas Mapfumo is an irresponsible old man’


In an interview with VOA Zanu-PF UK chairman Nick Mangwana has said Thomas Mapfumo is an irresponsible old man and should concentrate on playing his xylophones and mbiras.

Mangwana was reacting to Thomas Mapfumo’s recent revolution remarks. The musician reportedly suggested that Zimbabwe needs a revolution.Mangwana said: “For him (Thomas Mapfumo) to sit there, wherever he is and start saying things like that, that Zimbabwe needs a revolution or they need a war… is reckless.”

“Whose child does he want to go to war?, to kill whose child as well?”


Mangwana said Mapfumo wants “fellow Zimbabweans to kill” each other and that’s “proper recklessness”.

“I think he should just shut up,” said Mangwana

He said to call Mapfumo a man when he says such things would be very generous.

“I am a fan of his music but he should stick to music.”

Mangwana also said Mapfumo is a very dangerous man when it comes to political comments.

“We don’t go by what Mr Tomas Mapfumo wishes for Zimbabwe, we go by what Zimbabweans wish,” Mangwana said.

Source : Online

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