Tinopona Katsande Blasts Women Who Beat Up Other Women Because Of Cheating Husbands


Actress Tinopona Katsande says she is outraged by the increasing number of women beating up other women when their husbands stray. She said : “Pane mhepo yakanyangara fani irikuvhuvhuta musociety medu right now. What is this with all these tabloid articles, whatsapp videos and Facebook videos gone viral of women beating up on other women because of a husbands infidelity?

Chinyi chirikuitika chowkwadi. Women, where are we getting it wrong or rather where are we getting it confused? The most recent clip I got wind of is of the Botswana student chick’s in Bulawayo , who were kidnapped by the wife of the philandering husband and her friends, stripped naked and beaten by them.

All this being captured on camera of course. My question to the women who kidnapped the students, stripped and beat them , while recording it is ­ “in aid of what nhayi askana? ” Look, I’m not going to be hypocritical. It’s not in my nature so I will speak my truth. I am 36 & married & wiser now but I too was once 22 and naive.


I once dated a married man and, although unbeknown to me initially because, “my boyfriend ” lied to me that he was divorced, I still continued with the relationship ­ until his wife rocked up at my apartment one crisp Sunday morning & set the record straight; which mind you she did with calm and civility ).

From that day on I made an extra effort to ” investigate” my potential suitors so as to avoid embarrassing and hurting myself as well as being a catylist in another woman’s misery. Men lie through their teeth when they have a target. Who doesn’t know that? Some even argue that it’s human nature for men to go “hunting” .

The art of persuasion is attractive to many if not all women, so when a man with “the gift of the gab” starts his race he most often wins. So, wives, what to do when this disruptive beast of infidelity rears it’s ugly head in your relationship? Surely not to do nothing but in the same token, surely not to attack ” the girlfriend “. That’s just senseless. Don’t be ignorant. It’s your man who is stepping out, so deal with him ka.

Yes, of course an exchange of words is inevitable between you and “the chick” but the only person who can make things right is your husband. Don’t you see that your violent behaviour to another woman is patriarchy in its best disguise. We wife’s rush to look for blame when we should be looking for fault and fix that instead.

Come now, stop it And as for you my little sister who is the ” girlfriend/ small house /side chick ” etc , I wish I could step with you into your future and show just how amazing your life is going to be without someone else’s husband.

I wish I could give you a reality check and expose you to the hurt, betrayal and discontent you will feel when the same is done to you. But , I can’t so you will just have to take my word for it­ your dating a married man is one if the most stupid things you can ever do and it’s really not worth it in the end. Trust me on this one for I am a living testimony .

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