Tinopona Katsande’s house burgled


Actress Tinopona Katsande’s house was burgled over Easter. She is furious with the cops who came to investigate.
She tweeted : “In the past 15 days, 19 homes that I know have been burgled in my neighborhood. My home just made it 20. Who? The cops u ask? What is a cop?

For the cop to come investigate the burglary you need to have money to hire taxi or have a car to go get them to come do their job. ‪

The cop shows up to “investigate” burglary at my house with a clip board, an A6 paper clipped to it and then asks ME for a pen .


OMG!!!! No finger print taking? But is it not apparent that this is the same gang doing these burglaries. Hanzi ” Do u have any suspects?”

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