Tempted at the BEACH during company Party aaah mwana akanaka iyeye


Tempted at the BEACH during company Party aaah mwana akanaka iyeye. Last week ndakapinda pamuyedzo at our company party in Durban somewhere called Amanzimtoti Beach, the place is nice and it seemed like we were not the only company hosting a party there.

PaBeach paive pakazara maBraai stand and music was playing and we were dancing and drinking. The cool air was brushing against my body and mixed with the alcohol i was having a blast. I am staying in Durban but i am from Harare, my wife stays in Zimbabwe. I thought of her when i saw my colleagues dancing with their partners. So i felt lonely and decided to go for a beach walk on my own, so i went and was walking slowly smoking my e-cigarette and talking to wifey on the phone. One hundred metres down the walk i saw what appeared to be a mermaid if those are real.

She was curvy and light in complexion, i could not focus on the phone conversation so i said bye to wifey and focused on  the beautiful creature in front of me. I am not the type of person who believes in love at first sight but more like the type who believes in waiting and getting to know the person better. but i knew i would not see this person again so i gathered my confidence and went over to where she was lying down face up. I looked at her and smiled while i stretched my hand to say hie. She gave me a hand shake and i introduced myself and Tapiwa. She said her name was Nene and that she was just resting away from everyone else after too much dancing and drinking.


I asked if i could sit down next to her and she moved over on her towel making room for me. So i sat and we started talking. I was surprised though why she was so friendly to me until she told me we work for the same company. I asked her why i haven’t seen her and she told me she just started working and most of the time she is in a different department. We spoke and i kept staring at her beautiful face and the bikini that clearly defined her curvy bod. She saw me staring and and lightly punched me on my shoulder, i jumped a bit laughing and she warned… “Mr if i catch u staring like that i will report you to your wife!” I figured she was trying to find out if i was married so i simply replied… “good luck finding her coz she is in Zimbabwe”

She looked at me and smiled and said “so maybe i should punish you if i catch you staring again!” i wanted to play along so i said OK smiling and actually setting my eyes straight at her staring again. She laughed and reached into a small bag she had next to her and she pulled out some nivea sun screen and ordered me to apply it on her back. She moved and faced down and i moved closer and applied the oil on my hands and started from her shoulders. She moved a bit and seemed to be fumbling with something. I waited looking at her back and next thing i saw she had unhooked her bikini top and it was a those that you open from the front…

Tempted at the BEACH during company Party aaah mwana akanaka iyeye

She lied down gain swashing her amazing and free melons, melons is too much maybe avocados would be a good comparison. So there i was married man on the beach with a colleague applying sun lotion on her back. That was not the tempting part… and it came minutes later after i announced that i finished her back. She moved looked up and said…. “now do my front…”

My mouth remained opened when she turned over and slept on her back looking up with the good exposed… I didn’t know when to start or where to start from so she just made a small giggle and said… “whenever you are ready Mr”. I remembered my Grandpa back in Zim telling me to be careful of South African women, but that thought quickly vanished when a friend of mine came calling out to me and Nene quickly covered up. He got to us and said we were all wanted back at the party as the boss had a few words to say. So we went back to where the rest of the bunch was. So much to say i never saw her again after the party apparently she had come to the party with her husband as well so once we got back i couldn’t talk to her. Maybe i will see her at work who know…


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