Top DJ dragged to Court by his former lover who is seeking peace order against him


Popular wheel-spinner, DJ D Knife, has been dragged to the Harare Civil Court by his former lover who was seeking a peace order against him.

D Knife – real name Milton Nyabanga – was hauled to court by Charmaine Gwasa who wanted the popular Harare DJ to be stopped from interfering with her life.

The wheel-spinner who has played at a number of clubs in the capital had no problems with the application but demanded his clothes and ring from his former girlfriend.


He said she took the clothes and the ring from his house while they were still in love.


Charmaine-Gwasa-and-friendCharmaine-Gwasa-and-friend“Your Worship, I am not opposing her application but while we were still in love she would come to my house gradually, take my clothes and one day she took my ring.

She can have the clothes that I bought for her but the ones which she took from my house she has to return them,” he said.

In response, Gwasa said: “I thought we were in love that is why I took those clothes but I no longer have the clothes and the ring as well.

“I gave them out to some people and some of them I no longer remember them.

“As for the ring, I do not know where I dropped it.”

Presiding magistrate, Amanda Muridzo granted the order in Gwasa’s favour.

In addition, she ordered her to go and collect Nyabanga’s clothes and give him back

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