Tragedy as whole family suffocate to death from maize fumigation tablets


Ireen Manzinde aged 60 years of Manyange village Chief Mangwende Murewa treated her maize with fumigation tablets and stored the maize in her one roomed bedroom.

During the night Ireen Manzinde resorted to bed in the same bedroom with her grandchildren namely Ruvarashe Manzinde, Tinotenda Manzinde , Nenyasha Manzinde , Ngonidzashe Manzinde , Hope Manzinde aged 5 years, Shamiso Manzinde aged 12 years and the house maid Emily .

Whilst they were asleep, it is suspected that they were intoxicated by the fumigating tablet resulting in the death of Ruvarashe Manzinde a female juvenile aged 4, Tinotenda Manzinde a male juvenile aged 4 and Nenyasha Manzinde a female juvenile aged 3 years.

Ireen Manzinde

On 14 October 2017 at around 0500 hours, Ireen Manzinde woke up and advised her neighbour Howard Mhandu NR not held of Manyange Village Chief Mangwende Murewa who came and rescued the victims. Ngonidzashe Manzinde a male juvenile aged 11 years eventually died just after being retrieved from the bedroom.

Rodgers Majuru a male adult aged 65 years of Manyange Village, Chief Mangwende Murewa who had also arrived at the scene, reported the matter to ZRP Dombwe Police Base.

Ireen Manzinde, Hope Manzinde, Shamiso Manzinde and Emily are at Nhowe Mission Hospital where they are being treated.

The scene was attended by CID and DUB details and the following was observed.

The body of Ngonidzashe Manzinde was found lying just outside the bedroom.
The odor of the tablets was coming out of the bedroom.

The bodies of Ruvarashe Manzinde, Tinotenda Manzinde and Nenyasha Manzinde were in the bedroom lying dead on top of their blankets on the floor.

Windows were covered by cardboard boxes and the door was closed.
Locals were interviewed and they revealed that Ireen Manzinde treated her maize on the previous day.

Ireen Manzinde

There is no history of illness amongst all the victims. Ngonidzashe Manzinde, Ruvarashe Manzinde and Tinotenda Manzinde were children of Patrick Manzinde, who is staying in South Africa with his wife. Patrick Manzinde is son to Ireen Manzinde.

Nenyasha Manzinde was daughter of Eunice Madzinde who resides at Epworth Harare. Eunice Manzinde is daughter to Ireen Manzinde.
Hope Manzinde is son of Shadreck Manzinde who resides at Plot 39 Darwendale along Lomagundi Road. Shadreck is son to Ireen Manzinde.

Shamiso Manzinde is daughter to Ireen Manzinde’s brother.
Emily is a house maid to Ireen Manzinde. She is from Darwendale

The condition of those who are hospitalized is critical serve for Emily whose condition is stable. The bodies of the deceased were ferried to Murewa mortuary Hospital awaiting post mortem.”