Trevor Dongo cons upcoming artist of $50


CONTROVERSIAL urban grooves singer,Trevor Dongo seems to be brewing more storms if his recent alleged duping of upcoming Christian rappers, T-Nash is anything to go by.

In this new development,the Ndashamisika hit singer was reportedly engaged to sing a chorus on T-nash real name Tinashe Wutete’s new song.

According to T-Nash,Trevor demanded US$150 which the young singer failed to raise but the two found common grounds and T-Nash paid him US$50.


“I approached Trevor Dongo in February this year and I paid him $50 for us to work on my new song.

“I am a young and upcoming artist didn’t know much of how its done when you want collaboration.I thought Trevor was genuine but up to now he hasn’t recorded the chorus.

“He is even denying paying back my money and threatening me with unspecified actions.He told me that going to the police wouldn’t do any since he has connections,”he said.T-Nash said he has been receiving call threats from Trevor’s relatives.

After trying to get in touch with him since February,I am rather receiving calls from different people including one lady addressing herself as Trevor’s mother.

“She has threatened me a number of times and lied about giving the money back but to no avail.

“I am now afraid this singer might be doing this to a lot of young musicians out there and still getting away with it,”he said.

When contacted for comment,Trevor’s mobile went unanswered and relief only came from an unidentified person who said the artiste was not aware of such arrangements.

“I am sorry Trevor is not available at the moment but I am sure he is not aware of such arrangements because a lot of youngsters want to gain popularity or tarnish his image,”he said.

Source-H Metro

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