Trial postponed as Sangoma criminal gets possessed in court starts speaking in tongues


A Hurungwe man got “possessed by spirits” in court last week as a Karoi magistrate heard his criminal insult case. Magistrate Mr Sam Chitumwa had to refer self-styled traditional healer Francis Koga (age not given) for mental examination in terms of the Mental Health Act, after he gave inconsistent answers to the magistrate’s questions, moments before he fell into a “spell” in court.

Prison guards had to battle with Koga as he shivered, hissed and groaned soon after telling the magistrate that he knew nothing about the charges he allegedly was facing. Koga claimed that he might have been possessed when the matter occurred since each time he got possessed, he never recalled all that happened later.

sangomaThe complainant in Koga’s case is Hatirarame Muringai who is also a relative to the accused. Prosecutor Mr Gerald Dhamusi told the court that the matter against Koga of Hesketh Farm near Karoi arose sometime in July this year when he visited Muringai and her husband in Bunda Village under Chief Nematombo.


It is alleged that Koga advised Muringai that the spirit that worked through him had shown him the way to end her troubles. During his manifests, Koga allegedly ordered that everyone move out of the house except the complainant and her husband. The accused, it is further alleged, then told the husband to go out and collect a stone at an intersection half a kilometre away.

While the husband had gone out to fetch the stone, Koga allegedly asked Muringai to come closer to him. It is further alleged that Koga later asked the complainant to remove her skirt and underwear and squat in front of him.

Upon being asked the reason why she should do such, Koga, it is alleged said he wanted to have a good view of her se_xual organ, since viewing it was a requirement for the spirit whose power he was using to drive away her misfortunes

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