Trouble as HIV negative woman refuses unprotected se_x with positive husband


This matter came to light yesterday when the husband made an application for a protection order against his wife, whom he said was of a violent nature.

The husband told the court that his wife was in the habit of beating him and also destroying his particulars and property.

“She recently burnt my citizenship document, birth certificate and national identity card,” he said.


The court further heard that the woman harasses her hubby because he is currently unemployed.

“She comes home late from work and whenever I confront her about the issue, she says I do not have the right to ask her,” he said.

In her response, the woman denied all of her husband’s claims, saying he was the one actually se_xually abusing her.

She told the court that ever since her husband tested positive, he had been forcing her into unprotected se_x yet she tested negative.

“We are constantly fighting because he does not want to use protection during se_x yet we are a discordant couple,” she said. “He argues that he wants us to bear another child.”

She went on tell the court that she did not know what happened to her husband’s particulars.

Presiding magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi granted the protection order in favour of the husband and instructed the wife to desist from assaulting and insulting him.


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