MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is worse than President Mugabe and should never be given keys to State House.

An angry senior MDC official said Tsvangirai disregarded the recommendations of the national council and unilaterally went ahead and appointed Chamisa and Mudzuri as co-VPs.The council had  recommended to defer the matter for further discussion. “He has shown that he is not fit to run this country.

At least President Robert Mugabe is better because he first whips party members into line to amend his Zanu PF party constitution to allow or ensure that whatever decision he makes is in line with the party constitution,” a senior party official said yesterday.“With these appointments, Tsvangirai has shown that he is a danger to the MDC-T and is also a mirror of what he will do when he gets keys to State House.


He has shown that he will not hesitate to veto the decisions of the people. The issue of having a second VP was raised from the floor, discussed but no agreement was reached.

“The discussion was on having only one additional VP and not two as Tsvangirai announced. The NC did not give him any mandate to appoint two VPs but recommended that the matter be deferred for further discussion in a follow-up meeting but alas, and to the surprise of everyone, Tsvangirai went ahead to announce not one but two VPs of his choice the following day flanked by his wife [Elizabeth], in complete disregard of recommendations of the NC.”



Other sources say Tsvangirai met Khupe three days before the big announcement. “After getting wind of the impending appointments, Khupe drove to Tsvangirai’s house and confronted him over the issue in Elizabeth’s presence,” the source said.“Khupe told Tsvangirai that he was being influenced by his wife and that Elizabeth was increasingly becoming a source of internal discohesion.”

However, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said although he had heard of the rumour, it was not true.“We have heard that rumour but it has no substance,” he said. “Tsvangirai only met Khupe hours before the appointments and told her he had been directed by the national council to make the appointments.”

Tamborinyoka dismissed the claims that Tsvangirai’s wife had influenced the appointments.
“That is hogwash and contemptuous of the president to claim that he has been influenced by his wife or anyone else,” he said.

“All those who attended the press briefing will tell you that Mrs Tsvangirai attended the briefing by invitation and at the very last minute. It is not like her attendance was pre-planned because we had only set two chairs at the top table

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