Zimbabwe News Motlanthe Commission report to be made public next week

Motlanthe Commission report to be made public next week


President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced that he will be publishing the Motlanthe Commission report into the August 1 killings for public to consume it next week.

Mnangagwa made the announcement at the ZANU PF National People’s Conference in Esigodini on Friday.

“After peaceful elections we experienced violence in country and I condemned that violence,” Mnangagwa said. “I then appointed a Commission of inquiry into the violence. I have since received the report and I have shared it with my Vice Presidents. We have agreed that we will be publishing the report for public to consume it next week


Recently there was nationwide outcry when Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba said President Mnangagwa in his capacity as the Head of State and Government is the sole recipient of the report by the Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 post-election violence that left six people dead and destroyed property worth millions of dollars.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa
“There is nothing at law that compels the President to release the report to the public or not to release it to the public,” said Mr Charamba. “The discretion is his. Where he has a bit of a limit is in respect of how the Commission conducts its hearings in terms of the law.

“He is required by the Act to spell out that the Commission must conduct its hearings in camera otherwise the presumption of the law is that it’s through a public hearing and as you notice, the President in the interest of openness, of transparency and to ensure that the Commission itself operates in a way that shows integrity, he decided to make the hearings public, which is why they were televised.”

Source: Bulawayonews

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