UNBELIEVABLE’ Mudiwa Slams Stunner Over Stylish Award


WOAH! We surely didn’t see this one coming to be honest but anything is possible hey. Ok, so rapper Stunner won stylish award last night and he took to social media to celebrate after he beat Mudiwa Hood, Ex Q and Queen Vee.

Congratulations were in order for Stunner but surprisingly his ‘friend’ Mudiwa Hood was not happy with this at all. Mudiwa just couldn’t contain himself because he felt he deserved to win the award instead and so he slammed him. We are not sure if he was joking or not but one thing for sure is he actually said this is unbelievable. Check this out



So The Most Stylish Artist of the SOFA awards 2016 wears a better look than this…

Guys we did not win the SOFA award yesterday…unbelievable….some one did…but as good people we do not cry over an award when we know the truth….so whole heartedly we say Congratulations to all winners yesterday…

So, as long as you weren’t really being a sore loser, we’ll let the potty-mouth slide, Mudiwa.

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