Mnangagwa concerned about his undying loyalty to Mugabe than his followers


A political commentator Simbarashe Manhanga‎ has expressed concerns that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa seem to be concerned about pleasing President Robert Mugabe than those who are fighting for him and have lost position for supporting him.

“I was reading the so called response to Professor Jonathan Moyo by Mnangagwa in the cabinet. I noted one very interesting fact. Our VP never once attacked the president. He has been consistently loyal on the surface. He cares not that his people are being decimated around him. Whenever he has been put in a position where almost all of us here feel the need to defend those who support us, he has chosen to instead pledge his undying loyalty to Mugabe,” he said.


I read with growing unease the point where Ngwena is alleged to have said the G40 is trying to reduce the one centre of power invested in the president. His take is that the creation of the centre of power, power now invested in a very old man, should stay.”

He said it is this point he want to look at is that is it democratic at all to have that point?

“Why should the word of one man be the Alfa and the omega when we have an organisation with people of diverse opinion? Is “one centre of power” really different from autocracy? Is it not obvious that our collective input is better than dictated input from one centre of power?

Should we not all be fighting the consolidation of power in one office or the one occupying that office thereof? If Ngwena is for continuation of one centre of power, should he be trusted with the keys to state house? Is he immune to the afflictions of power? And finally, and against this background, is he the right candidate then? ” he said.