Upcoming sculptor denounces child marriages


He once made sculptures for the President and tourism minister and he has now come up with another piece that denounces child marriages. With the theme that says ‘no to child marriages’ Elvis Timbai said the piece castigates the trend that is worrisome in many societies. His sculpture shows a young woman with a baby in her hands. She has already become a mother while she (herself) still needs parental care.

Elvis said he is being touched by the manner in which young children are becoming parents hence the need to educate people through art. “As you can see, the lady on the chair is still young and she already has a baby when she is still in need of parental care and to lay a foundation for her own life,” said Elvis

Being inspired by the lives of people that he sees every day the young man added that the lives of the young girls are being shattered before they even achieve anything in life. “I’m seeing many lives of the girl -child being shattered by grown men who are taking advantage of the ignorance of these children. Some parents have no money to fund the education of their children and are ending up giving their children for marriage,” he said


The young man said parents should not take advantage of their children and give them for marriages to older people due to poverty but should find a way to do away with the problem. As an upcoming artist his works will be exhibited for the first time at “Mharidzo” exhibition which will be hosted by the National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe starting on December 10.

Elvis wishes to thank the people for appreciating his type of art which is different from many common styles.

Amai Mugabe sculpture

“I want to thank the people of Zimbabwe for receiving my type of sculptures with pleasure though it’s a new kind of art. I also thank the Minister of Tourism Honourable Walter Mzembi for his support towards nurturing my talent and his notion to mainstream my type of art. I’m looking forward to establishing a gallery that will portray our culture, the glory of Zimbabwe,” he said

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