Update on Harare Punani Model Panashe Zhuware


Update on Harare Punani Model Panashe Zhuware. The Harare Polytechnic model facing public indecency charges has said the picture that has landed her in court was photo-shoped.

Panashe Zhaware is said to have taken to the ramp without wearing undergarments.

Appearing before Mr Takunda Mtetwa, Zhaware through her lawyer Musindo Hungwe, argued that the photograph that forms the basis of the allegations is a contrived document that is aimed at tarnishing her good repute.“It is a product of Photoshop and is not authentic.


The State is challenged to prove the authenticity of that photograph,” he said. Mr Hungwe further argued that Zhaware’s prosecution is a blatant abuse of the criminal justice system that stands to vilify an innocent girl and destroy her reputation.Mr Mtetwa remanded her to November 16.

Panashe Zhuware

Prosecutor Ms Patience Chimusaru alleges that on July 17 this year Zhaware participated in a modelling contest at the tertiary institution.The court heard that Zhaware intentionally wore her evening gown without undergarments.It is alleged that she went on to catwalk on the ramp, willfully exposing her private parts to the audience.

It is the State’s case that the act was captured on camera.

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