Uproar over tweet saying Zimbabwean women smell


A South African lady has touched a nerve among Zimbabwean girls when sh boldly complained that she was about to die from one Zimbabwean lady’s smell. So bad was the smell that the complainant took to Twitter to vent.

Even after being asked by her fellow followers how she managed to identify her nationality by talking to her, the lady went on to tweet further suggesting that Zimbabweans spit when they are talking and seriously need to invest in deodorant.


She further posted. The lady’s twitter handle is @AngelRakolote

Tookie was adamant that Zimbabweans smell and wasn’t holding back on her tweets :

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  • Tino_Namatako

    I m s zimbo in diaspora. Yea recently i went home and I couldnt believe it. People really smell and its not just ladies but men too. You go into a mall oooh my gosh! As harsh is this can be, I think its the economy stupid! People cant afford ‘luxuries’. And to our ‘good lady’ , do you mean buying deodorant?can that be referred to as an investment? We all know rand is weak and you msybe looking for an opportunity to get it back up but ‘investing in deodorant’ isn’t one of them