Used co_ndoms in wardrobe expose minor ‘s affair with older man


A SE_XUAL relationship between a 15-year-old girl and her 20-year-old boyfriend was exposed when used co_ndoms were found in the minor’s wardrobe.

Shingirai Nyamwedza pleaded not guilty to rape charges when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Blessing Murwisi.

The presiding magistrate deferred the matter for trial to today.


In his defence Shingirai denied forcing the minor into having se_xual intercourse with him.

“We were actually in a relationship and I did not use force on her and I only slept with her on two not three occasions as she has indicated in her papers.

“All the times I slept with her it was upon her invitation to her house that was why I never bothered taking the used co_ndoms with me,”said Shingirai.

The State,led by Norman Koropi,alleges that the minor got to know Shingirai sometime in January this year on her way home from school when Shingirai proposed love to her.

She rejected the proposal but on February 24 at around 2pm,Shingirai went to the minor’s house and sneaked into her room.

The court heard that the minor told Shingirai to leave the room but he refused. Shingirai then allegedly forcefully had sexual intercourse with the minor using co_ndoms without her consent.

On February 28,Shingirai went to the minor’s bedroom again and allegedly forced her to have se_xual intercourse and left.

The third se_xual encounter happened on March 24 when Shingirai left used co_ndoms in the wardrobe which were then used in the court as evidence.

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