Used’ woman demands se-duction damages from her lover


A Bulawayo woman pulled a shocker in court when she demanded ‘seduction’ damages from her estranged lover claiming it was compensation for allegedly ‘using’ her during their cohabitation.

Nqobile Moyo from Montgomery shocked the court when she demanded that her ex-lover Stanford Dambarwa who she had been cohabiting with for over a year should compensate her for apparently enjoying her se-xual services.

Moyo’s shocking demands came after Dambarwa pleaded with the court to allow him to move out from their lodgings because she was violent.


Dambarwa also said he was no longer interested in staying with Moyo because of her excessive drinking.

“I have been cohabiting with Nqobile Moyo and I approached this court to grant me a protection order against her for the following reasons that she drinks alcohol excessively and sometimes she does not return home.

“She is violent and has been threatening me that I will walk out of the relationship without anything except the clothes I would be putting on,” said Dambarwa.



He said Moyo once struck him with an axe and empty pot on the forehead.

“She is of violent disposition. She once hit me with an axe and empty pot on the forehead and I bled profusely. Whenever she comes home drunk, she harasses me for no apparent reason. Since she has a heart disease she knows that I would not fight her back.

“Another issue is that whenever we go to a bar she refuses to go back home. As a result of her violent behaviour I am no longer feeling safe and want the court to assist me so that I will not take the law into my own hands,” said Dambarwa.

He further said Moyo should allow him to take his bed, fridge, blankets, plates and television set which he brought when he moved in to her place.

“Although, we are not formally married I consider myself as his wife because we have been staying together for more than a year and had been doing everything for him. Initially, he is the one who moved in to my place and is free to move out. My request is that he should also compensate me for using me,” responded Moyo.

A seemingly livid Moyo said Dambarwa was the source of their problem because he was no longer coming home whenever he got paid.

“It is not true that I am violent. He is the source of our problems because he was no longer coming home whenever he got paid. Sometimes we would go for almost a week without talking to each other,” she said.

The magistrate Sheunesu Matova, however, ruled that the parties shall stay away from each other and that Moyo should not hinder her ex-lover from taking his property.