Utaka taka Express shaken as Peter Moyo to ‘quit’ music for Soccer


UTAKATAKA Express key instrumentalists are reportedly in the studio putting final touches on their solo project excluding Peter Moyo.

Titled Zvine Musoro, the album is being recorded by revered producer – Jabulani Ndlovu – at his Trutone Studios in the capital.

It carries six tracks namely Warova, Usarivare, Wakanganwa, Panoti rudo, Hona Moto and Jehovha Jire.


Willard “Willo” Loti, who once left the group along with other band members citing poor remuneration, has penned most of the songs.

However, the Utakataka Express boss says he has given his band members the green-light to record.

“I have given them my blessing at to record, I won’t stand on their way but they are still my band members,” he said.

Sources say the instrumentalists are disgruntled by Peter Moyo and there seems to be uncertainly at the Utakataka Express outfit after the Young Igwe hinted his intention to quit music for soccer.

Loti is recording the project along with fiery rhythm guitarist Evidence Tarabuku aka Baba Garie, bass guitarist Saviours Karikodzi, guitarist Mathew Peregero and two drummers – Gusyson Sixpence and Prince Kapasa.

The instrumentalists have recorded the album under the name – Bullets – whereby Loti is the band leader.

Loti, 40, says it has always been his desire to record an album and show the world what he is made up of after all the years working under various musicians.

“At the moment we are just recording our stuff and we don’t know what the future holds if the album makes it on the market.

“Peter is aware of this blessing and we are simply doing it with his blessings. We are still working with him but we also have our new project that we are working on.”

He added:

“It’s a new baby altogether my brother and we are upbeat it will win hearts of many on the market. We have been working on it for a while and hopefully, fans will endorse it and we can’t to give it to the people.

“It’s s mature album to say the least.”

Loti served the late Tongai Moyo for six years before Peter took over the reins following the death of Dhewa.

The lanky guitarist once worked with Somandla Ndebele and Barura Express shortly after the death of Leonard Dembo.

His affairs are being run by Richard Posi.

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