UZ Student caught red handed,peeping at na_ked girls in dormitory


A UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe student reportedly developed a ‘Peeping Tom syndrome’ and sneaked into the female dormitories where he would peep at female college-mates whilst bathing.

Frank Mubayiwa, 24, appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court charged with disorderly conduct after he reportedly peeped at two female students whilst they were bathing.

Mubayiwa allegedly peeped at two female students, whose names have been withheld, on two separate occasions.


He denied the charges when he appeared before magistrate Batanai Madzingira.

The 24-year-old said he mistakenly entered the females’ bathrooms when he wanted to relieve himself.

“He denies peeping through the window and being cautioned by the witness.

“He denies threatening and abusing the complainant, he never used something to bad effect of for bad purposes or was he ever cruel to the complainant,” said Mubayiwa in denying the peeping on the first offence.

In denying peeping on the second fellow student, Mubayiwa said:

“He went to Carr Saunders Hostel to buy food. He went upstairs to relieve himself as he observed that the bathrooms downstairs were messed.

At all material times, he believed that Carr Saunders was a male residence hence the use of the bathrooms there.

“He denies ever peeping at the complainant but simply used the toilet and it was at the time that he was washing his hands that complainant observed him and screamed.

“Having observed that that he had used a female toilet, accused then went to the janitor seeking to explain his presence and actions but unfortunately the janitor refused to hear him,” he said through his defense lawyer.

Prosecutor Stylon Marufu had it that on March 5 at around 3pm a 22-year-old female University of Zimbabwe student was bathing when she spotted Mubayiwa peeping through the curtains.

She quickly warned him of his actions before he disappeared.

It is said that the 22-year-old went to inform the janitor after the incident.

As if that was not enough, Mubayiwa, went to Carr Saunders Hostel on the following day at around the same time.

He then allegedly peeped at another female student who was bathing.

The female student also took the matter to the caretaker which led to Mubayiwa’s arrest.

Source-H Metro

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