Various Types of Husbands and their Characteristics – Which one Best Describes Your Husband?


Various types of husbands and their characteristics which best describes you or your husband you married.

Bachelor husband

These are men who;


(1) love to do things on their own without consulting their wives

(2) love to hang alot with their friends rather than their wives

(3) not very serious with married life.

Acidic husband

These are men who;

(1) Are always boiling like acid

(2) always angry

(3) are violent

(4) moody and dominating

(5) very dangerous

Slave husband

These are men who;

(1) feel and want to be treated like kings

(2) treat their wives like slave

(3) don’t like to be called by their first name.

General husband

These are men who;

(1)Are husband for every woman

(2) love and care for other women atlot more than their wife

(3) even though not in a relationship, they like giving money to different women but not their wife

(4) have more female friends

Panadol husband

These are men who;

(1) uses their wife as a problem solver

(2) love their wife when they need something from her after which she is uesless

(3) very clever and knows their wife’s weakness and capitalise on them to get relief from their wife

Parasite husband

These are men who;

(1) are lazy and don’t love to work so they stick to their wife because of wife’s money

(2) are very loving but uses wife’s money and resources to cheat with their girl friends

(3) are not initiative and they don’t even try to help her with house responsibilities

Good husband

These are men who;

(1) caring and loving

(2) provides material and emotional needs of their family

(3) thay always make time for their family

(4) they guide their home spiritually

(5) they are very responsible and treat their wife as a partner and a helper.

Baby husband

These are men who;

(1) they are very irresponsible and childish

(2) can not make decision on their own without asking their mother or relatives

(3) when something is wrong, they rush back to their parents instead of discussing it with their wife

(4) want their wife to care for them they way their mother did

(5)they always compare their wife with their mother.

Those are just a few about type of husbands and some of their characteristics. please feel free to tell us which type of husband you are or which type of husband you are married to?

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