Vendors chair abducted left for dead


The National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) — led by the forceful anti-President Robert Mugabe activist, Sten Zvorwadza — has claimed that its Harare chairperson, Kudakwashe Kambakunje, was “abducted and brutally assaulted by suspected State security agents” on Tuesday.

Zvorwadza said by mid-morning yesterday, Kambakunje — who was attacked while on his way home at night — was unable to speak due to severe injuries he sustained from the beatings.

“Kambakunje was abducted by suspected State security agents who were driving two twin cabs and three private vehicles without number plates. They abducted him at around 22:30 hours at the corner of Nkwame Nkrumah Avenue and Chinhoyi Street,” Zorwadza said.


“The abductors fired gun shots before kidnapping him,” he added.

“Kambakunje was found in the morning, badly injured. He was found on a farm along old Mazowe Road, about 22km from where he was abducted,” Zvorwadza said while narrating the ordeal.

According to Zvorwadza, the abductors assaulted Kambakunje and left him for dead.

“Like what they did to Sylvanos Mudzvova, they also injected him on the leg with an unknown substance,” he said.

Recently, Mudzvova — a protest artist and fierce anti-Mugabe campaigner — was abducted and tortured by suspected security agents.

The fearless Zvorwadza went on to slam Mugabe for turning a blind eye to the rising cases of abductions.

“What is more worrying is that Mugabe and his cronies have chosen to remain quiet while these abductions are taking place and we wonder how would they feel if the same happens to their children. I want to ask Mugabe if it was Chatunga (Mugabe’s son) how would he feel,” he said.



We call upon fellow citizens to democratically and fearlessly fight for the establishment of an egalitarian society in which the rights of all citizens are upheld and respected.”

He said all opposition parties and civic organisations must unite against Mugabe’s misrule.

“A lot has been said about the need to unite but the time is now. If we fail to do so, this regime will continue doing whatever they want with us.

“We know they are working tirelessly to scuttle our efforts of working as a united Zimbabwe,” he said.

“Never again should we allow the brutal, extortionist and corrupt Zanu PF dictatorship to hold the people of Zimbabwe at ransom. Enough is enough!”

Zvorwadza also added that the Zanu PF regime is now living on “borrowed time.”

“We are saying to Mugabe leave office, while you can still salvage your fazed legacy.

“It is not a secret anymore that Mugabe deserves to be in an old people’s home and is no longer fit to be the country’s leader. He is visibly tired, clueless and has nothing new to offer than sleeping everywhere and anywhere he sits,” Zvorwadza said.

He further said: “We cannot allow a 92-year-old man to lead us. We have become a laughing stock to the whole world for abusing an old man.

“It is our duty as citizens to help this old man to pack his bags and leave the State House peacefully.”

Police national spokesperson Charity Charamba said “I haven’t heard about it. Did they make a police report because if they did not, I would not know about it?”

Vendors chairperson abducted, left for dead Navuz Harare chairperson Kudakwashe Kambakunje shows scars on his legs

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