VIDEO : Baba Tencen’s HUMILIATING performance at HICC


Baba Tencen as he failed to hit the mark at the Anne Kansiime show in Harare

The South Africa-based comedian clearly had a case of jitters and could not perform to expectations, leaving the crowd shaking their heads in pity.

Baba Tencen best known for his catch phrases, Kuripwa Kugara and Ungandidii surely had his work cut out for him to make over 3 500 people laugh.


So bad was the performance that the MC had to literally beg people to clap for him when he abruptly ended his performance, but they remained cold towards him.

It was a baptism of fire for the comedian who many people felt should just stick to recording skits as stand up is “clearly” not his forte.

His voice projection was generally poor, speaking too fast that people could not hear what he was saying.

One audience member identified as Eddie said: “Baba Tencen njuga dzarema. He has been overwhelmed by the crowd and his jokes are dry.”

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