Charles Manyuchi Was paid $200 000 to throw away fight


Charles Manyuchi’s management is threatening to take legal action against anyone insinuating the Zimbabwean boxer fixed his bout against Qudratillo Abduqahorov of Uzbekistan in Singapore at the weekend.

Manyuchi lost his WBC World Welterweight (silver) belt to the undefeated Abduqahorov when he was knocked out in the first round after 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

The bout has generated a lot of debate with many Zimbabweans and Zambians claiming Manyuchi was given $200 000 to throw in the fight.


Singapore is the hotbed of Asian betting syndicates who have made huge killings in other sports like football, cricket and tennis.

Boxing is also not immune to these match fixers as they can offer fighters large amounts which can dwarf the purse they get from bouts.

Charles Manyuchi

Manyuchi’s manager Chris Malunga of Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions (OQBP) took to social media to address the allegations against his fighter.

The OQBP boss went to Mexico soon after the fight as his other boxer Catherine Phiri was scheduled to defend her WBC World female bantamweight title against Mariana Juarez there.

“… I am appealing to you to be very careful with what you are saying,” Malunga said in a voice note circulation on social media.

“Some of these comments are very negative and totally rubbish and unacceptable. I have stated clearly that we are going to issue a comprehensive statement once we come back from Mexico.

“Right now, we are still on tour of duty and we do not want to get involved in too much of this. What we are we are looking for is to make sure that we defend the other title.

“So all those comments which are coming up are very dangerous to the sport and certain individuals might end having to answer charges in the courts of law because those are serious allegations.

“Let’s be very careful with our comments. I know that everyone is at liberty to comment the way they want but certain comments are very false and alarming