We don’t need police clearance: Protesters


Unrelenting anti-President Robert Mugabe activist Sten Zvorwadza has vowed to stage a demonstration on Friday — with or without police clearance.

He said they would not “validate an illegality by seeking clearance from the police to practice their constitutional right”.

Section 59 of Zimbabwe’s new Constitution guarantees the right to protest peacefully.
However, in the recent past, police have brutally attacked and tear-gassed protesters who took to the streets in protest against Mugabe’s failed leadership.


Zvorwadza — who was recently in the Diaspora seeking funding — said the protest would be over government’s poor policies, among other issues affecting long-suffering Zimbabweans.
Among the social movements to participate in the demonstration, according to Zvorwadza, is Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag, #ThisFlower, #Tajamuka, #ThisGown, Dzamaras’ Occupy Africa Unity Square, #ThisConstitution and #TheEndGame.

Patson Dzamara — brother to missing anti-Mugabe activist, Itai — said: “We are calling on Zimbabweans from all walks of life to join us as we register our displeasure over the state of affairs in our nation.”
He said Zimbabweans must move away from venting their frustration on social media and take to the streets.



The time for us to draw a solid line in the sand has come. Cognisant of the fact that Mugabe and his minions won’t listen to our outcry, we must speak to them in their own language,” Dzamara said.

“We must get into the streets and tell them we are tired of their misrule, leadership failure, corruption, and Zanu PF-made poverty,” he said, adding that

“We can’t just whisper about it in our little corners or rant on social media and end there. We must take a stand, action is critical”.

Dzamara said a post-Mugabe era will come at a cost.

“Liberation won’t be delivered on a silver platter. It will come at a cost and we must be prepared to pay the price.

“Our liberation will cost us tears, sweat, blood or even lives but we must do this for ourselves and future generations. It is our responsibility,” he said.

“We encourage all Zimbabweans to join us on the 18th (of November). Together, we can make Zimbabwe great again for presiding over rising joblessness, human rights violations and extreme poverty

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