We miss the police says s_ex workers


EPWORTH se_x workers have said they miss police protection in the wake of rampant attacks and robberies from their ‘clients’.

While they celebrated the Constitutional Court ruling which banned the arrest of women on charges of soliciting for paid se_x, some of the se_x workers say this was now backfiring.

“While we used to have police patrolling at night and offering a sense of protection, that is now a thing of the past and we are now victims of the ruling. Most of these clients rob and attack us after getting services from us.


“You risk being waylaid on your way to the police station yet you hardly find police patrolling at night since the Con-Court ruling,” said one se_x worker who plies her trade at the Booster in Epworth.

Another 40-year-old se_x worker concurred that the ruling was now backfiring because many times they have fallen prey to their clients with nowhere to run.

She said while they were charging US$0,80 or US$1 for two se_x sessions, most of the clients still do not want to pay and will usually try to escape after stealing from them.

“Most of the clients we are dealing with are dangerous people who carry weapons like knives. They are now taking advantage that there are no police patrols so after getting services they will demand that you give them their money back and sometimes they then steal from you.

“I was recently stabbed by a client who had demanded his US$0,80 back before going on to steal my blanket. This has become very risky and I can say I miss that police protection,” she said.

The Con-Court in 2015 outlawed the arrest of se_x workers found loitering the streets for the purpose of prostitution arguing that as long there were no men confirming to have been approached by the women for se_x, the arrests were unconstitutional.

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