Well-wishers offer to help Leonard Dembo’s mother


Following the sad story about Leonard Dembo’s mother,well-wishers from the country and abroad have expressed willingness to assist the old lady who is struggling to make ends meet.

Dembo’s mother Sukai Pasipadodya poured her heart out to this writer about her dire situation and the article was published under the Memory Lane column headlined “Sad story of Dembo’s mother”.

Among other things, Mbuya Dembo said she wished she would listen to her son’s music every day, but she does not even have a radio.


Following the article, well-wishers have said they are willing to ensure Mbuya Dembo has a radio and other basic necessities that will make her recognise the impact that her son’s music still has on the legion of fans he enticed with his classic hits.

Mbuya Dembo needs food, clothes, blankets, toiletries and kitchen utensils among other basics. Among the organisations that have pledged assistance is Ring Driving School that has promised to buy her a radio and other gadgets that will enable Mbuya Dembo to listen to her son’s music.

The driving school, in partnership with Gold Partners, a social platform run by The Sunday Mail Sports Editor Makomborero Mutimukulu, pledged to donate groceries to the old lady.

A spokesperson of the organisation said they felt it was good to give a helping hand and encouraged other organisations to follow suit.

Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub, an organisation that brings together business people and artists in a social network, also promised to assist by meeting some of Mbuya Dembo’s basic needs.

Sukai-PasipanodyaZibah has a connection of organisations that include Nash Paints, JanJam, Kitchen-Link, ProAir International, Impressive Signs, Esteem Communications, Impressive Signs, Wheel and Ease (Wezhaz) Bar and Club Joy Centre Entertainment among others.

The organisation’s chairman Takemore Mazuruse said assisting the needy in the arts industry is not new to them since they recently responded to ailing musician Cde Chinx’s plight by donating some groceries to him.

Mutare-based musician Brian Samaita said it was sad that a mother to a musician who created a beat that many have been pursuing is struggling when her son pioneered a way that many have benefited from.

Samaita takes his beat from the late Tongai Moyo and the music has origins in Dembo’s style. The musician promised to assist the old lady in a way that would show his appreciation for what Dembo did to the local music industry.

Dembo’s fans also took it upon themselves to start an initiative to mobilise resources for Mbuya Dembo.

The initiative began with fans based in South Africa led by James Gordon. Many other fans from the Diaspora and locally rallied behind Gordon and their local representative Regis Ruwende is putting the donations together.

For that cause Zibah, Ring Driving School, Ruwende and representatives of The Herald will today convene a meeting to strategise how to pool resources for possible handover to Mbuya Dembo this week.

Fans and organisations willing to assist can call or send whatsapp messages to +263 773 910 006 or visit Facebook page ‘Lets Help Mbuya Dembo’.