Whatsapp pictures shake up marriage


A WOMAN who took advantage of the fact that her husband was not so techno-savvy has a eaten humble pie.

Nobuhle Sibanda, the wife of George Sibanda, shocked her in-laws when she put a WhatsApp profile picture of her with another man suspected to be her boyfriend.

She thought she could get away with it because her husband does not have a WhatsApp account.


Unfortunately, the concerned relatives downloaded the profile picture which showed her having a nice time with the mystery man and they alerted George.

A relative close to the couple who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “It seems she was madly in love with the man who is a cross-border transporter (umalayitsha). That is why she decided to put a profile picture of her boyfriend thinking the husband was not going to find out as he is not on WhatsApp.

“We got worried and someone alerted George about the profile picture and he was not amused as well,” said the source.


app profile pic


George confronted his wife with a printed copy of the picmix (a collage of pictures that can be put together and used as one profile).

“She firstly denied the allegations and the husband then brought a print out of picture causing a serious misunderstanding,” added the source.

The pictures were taken from the boyfriend’s bed and lounge.

For that, Sibanda was shown the exit and she left with all the property and returned to her home in Mzilikazi.

When Sibanda was contacted for comment, she confirmed having had marriage problems with her husband.

“We had a misunderstanding after I put pictures of my cousin on my WhatsApp profile picture, but we have since resolved the issue and we are now back together,” said Sibanda.

The husband who is a police officer declined to comment.


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