Who is Zimbabwe’s greatest ever football player


A huge debate over who is the greatest Zimbabwean soccer player of all time has been torched by South African publication Soccer Laduma.

One Mamelodi supporter questioned whether Khama Billiat can now claim to be Zimbabwe’s greatest player. With the debate being on the South African platform, it was heavily influenced by the players they have watched in Super Diski over the years. Other great players such as George Shaya, Freddy Mkwesha (late), Stanford “Stix” Mtizwa and Moses “Bambo” Chunga did not feature in that debate at all. Nicholas Mafukidze: “Khama is not the best, he’s even not in the top 20. If you find Zimbabwe’s TV and radio commentator Charles Mabika, he will tell you the truth.” Eyesofaneagle:

“He’s not even half of Mwaruwari or Ndlovu, Sundowns supporters are mad.” Milindos: “A good player, but not the best, Musona is the best.” Papa­Ona: “Taking nothing away from Khama, very sneaky, talented and nag for goals . . . he reminds me of the young Peter Ndlovu . . . but to say he is the greatest that Zimbabwe has ever produced is an insult . . . he might be on the up to become one but for now . . . it’’s a NO.”



Zimbabwean22: “Nope it’s definitely Peter Ndlovu, he played for 13 years in England. No other African player has reached that milestone. Benjani comes second, he played for top clubs in Europe, including Man City. Meanwhile, Billiat is 26 years old and he is stuck in SA.” princebaloyi903: “Editor better ask who’s the best Zimbabwe player between Knowledge Musona and Khama Billiat.” Papa­Ona: “Let’s not confuse winning the Champions League and the phrase the greatest of all time from Zimbabwe . . . taking nothing away from Khama, he is of course a fantastic, intelligent player in the current Zim crop . . . but truth is he must emulate Peter Ndlovu and Benjani by playing in the highest competitive leagues . . . e.g. EPL, Bundesliga or La Liga . . .

Benni McCarthy won the most prestigious accolade . . . the UEFA Champions League, scored SA’s first ever World Cup goal (France ‘98), obtained a silver medal at the Nations Cup, played in Spain, Portugal and England but still that didn’t mean that he was the greatest South African . . . but was the best of his GENERATION . . . Khama still has a lot to do to be declared greatest Zimbabwean ever… “I have realised that people have no idea about Zimbabwe soccer players. They only know those who played in the (ABSA) PSL, other African countries don’t take SA as a home, it’s either they’’re using the PSL as a ladder to get abroad or they just come here to retire.” Mhlonishwa: Khama has a Champions League medal, and no other Zimbabwe player you have mentioned has that medal. Khama contributed in Zimbabwe’s qualification for AFCON. I can’t recall seeing Zimbabwe at that tournament.

Overall, Khama is the best Zimbabwe player ever.” Setlaboswana: “To say Billiat is the Zimbabwe’s greatest footballer of all­time because he won CAF CL is incorrect. We look at his overall contribution and attributes, consistency, agility, mobility, mental strength are some of considerations.” Mehluli Moyo: “The Bulawayo Bullet will be always the best l know nothing about Billiat because Ndlovu spent 13 years in England but where as Billiat now stuck at Sundowns.” Makarina: “I am surprised by the fact that the Legendary Tinashe Nengomasha is not even mentioned amongst the Zimbabwe greats. It is a dam shame… Roxion: “Let Zimbabweans vote. Okpara won a star with Bucs but he was not automatically declared a Nigerian Messiah, any team can win a star. Chiefs are capable of winning it, it is just that they don’t want to pay for travel costs or don’t have money to pay for travelling in Africa

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