The leader of the National People’s Party, Joice Mujuru did not snub the Nera demonstration.

Party spokesman, Jealousy Mawarire said :”We have learnt that a lot of people are concerned why some of our leaders did not attend the Nera demonstration today. I am sure
Zimbabweans are aware that we have national elections to elect a substantive leadership for our party in two days time, a very important exercise in our democratic journey to ensure we effect the change of regime we envisage in 2018.

Our people, however, attended the demonstration in their numbers and we really appreciate the spirit of togetherness and the unity of purpose they showed.


NERA DEMOThose that believe the absence of particular individuals among our leaders is a snub of Nera make a grave mistake of thinking a political party equals it’s leader and therefore should always be represented by its President.

It holds sway in a dictatorship not in a people’s party like ours. There are parties where nothing happens in the absence of the President and it is that culture, entrenched in the political psyche of many Zimbabweans, that we seek to deconstruct as NPP.

Our Vice Chairperson for Harare Province, Reverend George Chaparika, chaired the last preparatory meeting for the demonstration yesterday (21 March 2017) and if this isn’t participation at the highest level, then nothing can ever be.