Wife caught Red Handed in the KITCHEN with Husband’s Bestfriend


It was 8 am in the morning, and as usual Max was making coffee, bacon and eggs in the kitchen. He turned around and saw Tammy coming in. Tammy is his friend’s wife, and is irresistably adorable. She has C cup sized soft breast slim waist and tight butt. Luckily for Max, she doesn’t like to wear braaa at home.Max tried hard not to stare at her protruding n#pples.

“Hey, can I have some of that coffee?” “yeah. Fine. How about some bacon and eggs as well?”

“Oh cool!”


Then there was an awkward silence. Max can’t help glancing at her n#pples now and then. The trouble was he was only in his robe, and not wearing any clothes underneath! He tried to stay calm, by making some casual chatter.

“oh. You should get some more sleep. Look at those circles under your eyes! You didn’t get a good sleep last night did you?” “Dang. All chucky’s fault. Sigh. Men.”

Oh no. there again. Why must she do this?! Arghh. Max’s manhood is hardening once again, as he caught her sexxxual innuendo at once. He trieds to lean forward so she wouldn’t see. It would be so embarrassing.

“Oh. Haha. Naughty chucky. Naughty you two. Haha. So that’s where the noise came from. Haha.”

“oh no did we keep you up? Haha. So sorry. Ok is the coffee ready?”

Oh coffee, ready! Luckily Max can turn around now. His manhood was so hard that it stuck out of his robe! Oh no how is he going to turn around later? He practise what he learnt in school. Sing a hymn in your head. That will keep it down. But it only kept it down halfway! Tammy is just so beautiful. Olive skin, big eyes, sweet voice. He actually had fantasies about her. He had an idea. He will just use a rag to cover while holding the coffee on a tray.

But while he turned around, tammy actually noticed his manhood was hardened. Feeling a bit awkward, she pretended not to see it.Max managed to sit down on the chair.

“ok come lets dive in.”

She broke the news that chucky was going overseas and not coming back until next Friday. And then they chatted about chucky’s work and other non-consequential things. In fact all these while Max was glancing here and there at Tammy’s n#pples. It seem a bit hardened.
There was some silence. Max couldn’t help but his manhood was hard and very wet. He started rubbing it as he drank the coffee, making intermittent glances at Tammy’s t#ts and adorable face. She was reading newspapers. But in fact she knew Max’s manhood was hard all along. In fact tammy is a sluuut. She doesn’t understand why she has to be faithful.

She really doesn’t want to waste her life sleeping with only one guy. So sometimes she fantasized about Max. But certainly she doesn’t want such danger. F##king her husband’s best friend under the same roof? That would be crazy. But this sort of attention now, was sublime. She got excited. And her face was red. Her n#pples got harder and harder, but luckily Max didn’t notice. Then she got wet as well. She did so because she wasn’t wearing any panties as well, so the soft boxers made her even more comfortable with all this attention going on. She wanted to touch herself. But shes reading a newspaper, so how? The idea.

She folded the newspaper so that one hand could hold it, and with another hand she made her way down to her c#ltoris, and started rubbing it. The newspaper and the table did a good job of covering each from their individual gratification. Tammy fantasized. What if he were to stand up now and carried her to the room beside chucky? Oh it would be so exciting! Adultery is always so fun. That’s why people did it even for the price of public censure.

With this thought she rubbed and rubbed her cl£toris and she silently gasped for air, as she enjoyed through the corner of her eye, Max’s libidinous attention. And of course Max was in a torture, rubbing his manhood in a way not to ejacula££. He keep having the thought of ripping of her tee there and then. He wanted to see what her t*ts really look like, feel what they really felt like. And his hand was all wet with precum now.

Suddenly Tammy noticed it was 845, and in 5 mins chucky would come staggling into the kitchen. So she had to stop. Rubbed her fingers dry through the cotton of the boxers and started to actually concentrate on the newspaper in front of her.

Max sensing the same thing stopped as well. But his eyes were still on tammy’s n!pples, which curiously he noticed seemed as protruding as ever.

Tammy slapped Max’s wrist, chuckling, “hey.. I noticed you been staring at my t!ts all morning!!! Lol”

Max was startled, and immediately took his other hand off his manhood. And said, “OH no sorry. But its not my fault. Why are you always not wearing braaaa. Im a guy okay.”

“oh yeah. Talk about yourself! Not as though you are wearing any underwear!”

Oh no so she noticed. So they kept silent for a moment, looking at each other in the eye, both wearing an expression of friendly amusement. But deep within, Max was even more aro-used, and suddenly felt an intense liking for her. Of course his manhood was even harder now.

“Ok I’ll start wearing underwear if you would wear your braaaa.”
Tammy said “deal”.

And chucky came out. Walking pass tammy to get some eggs, he kissed her on her cheek. But tammy still continued, looking at Max, with their expression of amusement.


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