Wife Divorces Husband after he tried to Pour HOT Water on her


Wife Divorces Husband after he tried to Pour HOT Water on her. A Harare woman divorced her husband in court on Tuesday after accusing him of attempting to scald her with hot water on two occasions. Anna Watch was seeking a protection order against Gilmore Musekiwa whom she was accusing of breaching her peace.

“I want to divorce him right now in front of the court because he attempted to scald me with hot water twice at the height of a domestic dispute,” she said.

Watch told magistrate Mrs Babra Mateko that he no longer needed Musekiwa in his life, since he was a threat to her life. He is such a violent man and is in the habit of verbally and physically abusing me each time we quarrel, said Watch.


Watch claimed Musekiwa was having an extra marital affair and was also threatening to kill her whenever she asked him about the issue.

However, Musekiwa told the court that he did the violent acts to reprimand and correct Watch from her wrong doings.

“I last assaulted her three years ago and since then I have never verbally or physically abused her as she is alleging,” he said.

Musekiwa told Mrs Mateko that he was not opposed to Watch’s application.

Mrs Mateko granted the order in Watch’s favour, which barred Musekiwa from verbally or physically abusing her.

She also ordered Musekiwa to keep peace towards Watch at all times.

Mrs Mateko, however, told Watch that her court did not facilitate divorce.