Wife Sanelisiwe Ndlovu Catches Hubby Zuze Sibanda Poking girlfriend Sithuthukile Shabangu


A woman travelled from Jozi to ambush her cheating husband who had invited over his girlfriend for the night. Sanelisiwe Ndlovu caught her hubby Zuze Sibanda and his lover Sithuthukile Shabangu in their matrimonial bed at around 1 am.

“They came home in the wee hours of the morning at around 1 am and went straight to the bedroom. That is when I decided to surprise them by watching them in bed,” said Ndlovu.

She said she first thought she was going to keep her cool, instead she had an anger bout.


“She beat the girlfriend and all that the husband could do was watch in disbelief,” said a source close to Ndlovu.

After the mayhem, Sibanda’s lover told Ndlovu that she had been told that he was a divorcee.

“He told me that he had divorced his wife. She beat me up but I only got a scratch,” said Shabangu.

Shabangu added that she had permanently moved in as a result of the lies told to her. She begged Ndlovu to understand.

“I wouldn’t have moved in with him knowing that he and his wife are still together.

“This woman should not blame me because I did not beg her husband to be sleeping with me for all these months,”she said.

But the man at the centre of the scandal Sibanda denied that he knows his lover.

“I don’t know her,” he said briefly before terminating the call.

Source-B metro

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