Wife uses STRONG Runyoka on Husband to Kill second wife


Wife uses STRONG Runyoka on Husband to Kill second wife. A woman from Cowdray Park Tracy Mthombeni, told her hubby’s second wife that her privates will balloon if she attempts to bed their man.

Mthombeni further threatened Patience Makakatanwa that she will become mentally challenged if she has sex with Nkosilathi Hove.

According to B-Metro Mthombeni stormed Makakatanwa’s house with a group of people and threatened to kill her before she forcibly took her shoes which she is suspecting she intends to take to a sangoma to allegedly bewitch her.

“Tracy of Cowdray Park is my husband Nkosithini Hove’s first wife. She is habitually disturbing my peace by sending me threatening messages and coming to my house. She once came to my place of residence in North End with a group of people threatening to kill me.

“After they failed  to do so they started threatening me saying they will bewitch me by making me mentally ill as well as causing my privates to become swallon,” said Makakatanwa.

However, Mthombeni did not turn up in court forcing magistrate Evylene Mashavakure to grant a protection order.