Will Tocky Vibes rediscover winning formula


When Tocky Vibes decided to use live instruments to record album “Toti Toti” his decision was met with mixed feelings. Critics said the divergence from the normal digital Zimdancehall recording was costly as he failed to keep the momentum

The young entertainer had made waves with songs “Ayenda Nenyika”, “Mhai” and “Ndini Ndinorira,”, but “Toti Toti” could not keep the high standard he set with the hits. He has been credited for bringing ‘clean’ lyrics that time when dancehall music was condemned for dirty lyrics and fights that saw many mature listeners denouncing the genre.

Things started to fall apart when the musicians performed dismally at big shows and he was quickly labeled a spent force.


Despite being taken as the game-changer of Zimdancehall, Tocky did not live the gospel he preached because he had serious misunderstandings with fellow artistes and promoters.

Many observers said the musician had become big-headed and promoters were shunning him.

From that time the musician has not produced any hit and pundits said that was the end of his glory.

Tocky has not been performing regularly at local shows, but has been traveling abroad for shows in various countries.

Today the musician unveils another album “Kwatazonke”.

It has 15-tracks, mixing both live and digital recordings.

“Critics are always there but as musicians we work to please our fans,” he said.



He dismissed claims that the coming album will decide the future of his glory.

“That is just an album released just like others. I believe in myself as an artist not in what people say,” he said.

Tracks on the album are “Mhaiwe”, “Kwata Zonke”, “Tirabhuru”, “Chinhango”, “Wangu Warova”, “Wadhakwa Ngedoro”, “Tushiri”, “Shamwari”, “Ndarepwa”,”Attack kuSugar”, “Women I need you”, “Wamugonera”, “Chigumbu”, “Handichadzokera” and “Mari”.

“Most of them are party songs and we are optimistic that the album will do justice to our fans out there,” he said.

He is optimistic that the album will make an impact on the local scene.

“People had their perceptions on ‘Toti Toti’, but as an artist I don’t regret. That album had results.

“With the way the songs are arranged on this one people will definitely enjoy,” he said.

On the new album he has worked with several producers that include Munya Viya, Lyton Ngolomi, Tman, Mono Mukundu, Nicky and Levels.

“Working with different producers brings different vibes. We are working to have the best. We know our fans have been waiting for the new album eagerly and we also know that our haters are waiting to say bad things.

“We will just deliver good music and we will continue singing for the people,” he said.

Though he has not collaborated with any artiste on the album he will be working with several musicians on upcoming singles.

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