Winky D thanks all his FANS #GAFA


Winky D thanks all his FANS #GAFA… Zimbabwe’s Dancehall KING Winky D took to Facebook to thank his FANS for voting for him… He said:

Hearty appreciation to all those who voted for the movement to again be recognized as deserving of ZIMA 7th Edition Song of the Year. I am humbled by the support and have come to realise the truth that there is greater happiness in the knowledge that you see me as useful, honorable and one who makes some difference in lives through the music l sing. Thanks so much to all of you. I continue to urge you not to be bogged down by problems in life but to derive light from our dreams and focus.
Gafa Ksvka Ndafa

We would like to say congrats on the achievement….. Here is a picture of him live on stage…


Winky D thanks all his FANS #GAFA

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