Woman accused of bewitching ex-hubby


A Bulawayo man is accusing his estranged wife of taking his underwear to a traditional healer to “bewitch” him so that he could become impotent and fail to sustain an erection whenever he wants to be intimate with other women.

Mupendulo Munsaka of Fourwinds and employed as a cleaner by a local leading nightspot claimed that his estranged wife, Jane Tambarara, while they were on separation, took all his belongings including his underwear to a traditional healer to have him “fixed” so that his manhood would not rise to the occasion.

Munsaka, who has one child with Tambarara, said following their separation, she swore to him that he would never have other children except the one they have together because she had allegedly “cursed” his manhood.


Munsaka, who feared to have been rendered impotent, bared it all at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Tambarara had dragged him seeking a restraining order.

Tambarara claimed that Munsaka was verbally and physically abusing her. She also said her estranged husband, who allegedly deserted her to stay with his girlfriend, was a womaniser.

“I was living together with Mupendulo as husband and wife before he moved out to stay with his girlfriend. He is very violent. He was always beating me up whenever I confronted him on issues to do with his string of girlfriends.

He is also not financially supporting me and the child. He has numerous girlfriends. I am fed up with his promiscuous behaviour and I no longer want to see him coming to my place of residence,” she said.

In response Munsaka said Tambarara was barring him from coming to her lodgings because she had allegedly “bewitched” him after taking his underwear to a traditional healer.

He, however, dispelled allegations that he abandoned Tambarara insisting that it was actually her who left their matrimonial home on fears that she could be infected with HIV.

“She is now saying that I should not come to her place of residence because she is now fed up with me. While we were on separation she took all my belongings including my underwear to a traditional healer to have me cursed so that I become impotent.

“She declared to me that I will never have other children except the one we have together. Following her threats I am now living in fear that I would fail to sustain an erection whenever I want to have sex with other women,” he said.

Munsaka was, however, ordered by the presiding magistrate Evylene Mashavakure not to physically abuse Tambarara or visit her place of residence in Entumbane.


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