B00tilicious Woman BEATEN after SEXY BUM JIVE in front of another Woman’s Man – VIDEO


A WOMAN’S s-exy dancing at a popular shisa nyama led to a cat fight on Sunday night. The woman, known to her friends as Nyoso (28), made another woman furious after she twerked in front of her boyfriend at the popular venue in Mangaung.

The angry girlfriend approached Nyoso and asked her to stop moving her big bum in front of her boyfriend.

When Nyoso went to the toilet, the woman followed her and slapped her before witnesses separated the two.

Nyoso said it was not her problem that other women didn’t have the same dance moves as her.

She said she wasn’t ashamed of dancing and tou ching her body.

“I love dancing to house music because it touches my soul. It’s like I’m smoking something that makes me feel good inside. These girls should just leave me alone because they can dance any way they want or wear any clothes they like. I think they’re jealous because I get attention from men.”

Nyoso said she loved wearing mini skirts because they showed off her curves.

Men at the shisa nyama said they enjoyed Nyoso’s dancing.

John Mthimkhulu (25) said: “I have no problem with her dancing moves but I think my girlfriend wouldn’t be happy to see me looking at her.”

One woman said she was angry to see her boyfriend pay attention to Nyoso. “She is a b***ch. I will show her not to mess around with my man. I will stab her big bum,”

“What kind of woman dances like this if she isn’t a magosha?” asked another. Watch the video below…

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