ONLY two Mahlobo family members are left after a family member has died every month for the past seven months!

Recently, they found a half-n-aked woman at their brother’s grave after his funeral last Saturday.

Ivy (30) and Nomathemba Mahlobo (33) from Umzimkhulu, KZN, said they feared one of them would be the next to die, so they asked pastor Bongane Gumede for help.

According to the pastor, the woman found at the grave could be responsible for the deaths.

Ivy said she found the woman when she went out to clean her brother’s grave. “I was horrified when I went into the yard and found this woman kneeling over the grave. It looked like she had been there for some time and couldn’t move.”

Nomathemba said she nearly had a heart attack when Ivy called her and she saw the woman. “We’ve never seen her before. Why would she do such a horrible thing to our family?”

woman caught at grave

Nomathemba said they didn’t see the point of calling the cops, so they called Pastor Gumede. Ivy said: “He said we should just go away. As we were leaving, the woman stood up and left. She was very embarrassed, so we just let her go.

“But if we also die, people will know she was responsible,” said Ivy.

Pastor Gumede said the woman could have put muthi on the family graves after every funeral to make sure the next person died. He said he was surprised the sisters didn’t lay charges or beat the woman but it proved they believe God is the only protector.