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Woman caught with another man cheating


A married woman was caught with another man in her matrimonial bedroom and was beaten by irate villagers in Nyanga.

Ivy Masamba and her boyfriend only identified as Gwenzi, a tout at Evergreen Bus Terminus in Rusape, were caught in the act in the former’s matrimonial bedroom by her husband’s mother.

Ivy is married to Never Zimbiti, who works in Troutbeck, and the couple has been blessed with a child. The cheaters were detained for hours by villagers and were only released last Wednesday around 5pm following intervention by eight police officers from Nyanga.




What happened on the day in question is that Gogo Zimbiti who stays about 300 meters away from Ivy visited her and that is when Gwenzi arrived and went straight into the
kitchen without greeting them. Gogo was so surprised and quizzed Ivy on the stranger who did not give her satisfactory answers.“Gogo Zimbiti then left for her homestead, but after 20 minutes she returned with a female villager and they peeped through the bedroom window and they got the shock of their lives as they saw Ivy and Gwenzi being intimate.

Gogo then locked the door from outside and informed the whole village.

cheater2“Villagers came in droves and were baying for the two cheaters’ blood. There was commotion when the villagers discovered that it was Gwenzi a man they regularly see with Ivy. Villagers started to physically assault the two lovers. Ivy’s husband, Never who works in Troutbeck was called and came around 11pm and also saw his wife and Gwenzi in his bedroom,” said the relative.

He added: “Our family then resolved that Ivy’s parents should be called to witness their daughter’s shenanigans and we drove to Ruwangwe to collect them. Hundreds of villagers spent the night at our homestead.

Ivy’s parents were later shocked to see their daughter and her boyfriend. They joined in assaulting the two lovebirds.

Ivy went away with her parents as Never had said he no longer loved her as his wife.

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