Woman Demands missing $15b from Mugabe at National Sports Stadium


HARARE – An unspecified woman yesterday caused a stir at the National Sports Stadium after she inexplicably started following President Robert Mugabe’s entourage demanding a share of the alleged missing $15 billion from Chiadzwa diamond mining fields revenue.

State security officials had a torrid time as they tried to restrain the woman, who was part of the crowd at the independence celebrations, as she pushed forward intending to approach Mugabe directly and demand her share.

“Ndiri kuda share yangu ye $15 billion, izvozvi ndine nzara (I need my share from the $15 billion, and I am hungry),” she said angrily.


A security official promised her food, but she would have none of that.

“You are only talking about food that I will eat today, what I need is maize, I am dying of hunger,” she said.

The middle-aged woman refuted claims by security officials that she was mad.

“You said I am mad, but I am not. You held me against my will because I wanted to follow Mugabe and demand my share of the $15 billion,” she insisted.

The woman was then whisked away by security officials.

Mugabe who was taking his seat in the VIP tent after inspecting the guard of honour seemed not to notice what had happened around him.

Just last week, award-winning actor Sylvanos Mudzvova was arrested while staging a one-man play at Parliament titled Bring Back the $15 billion.

The issue of the missing $15 billion first emerged during Mugabe’s televised 92nd birthday interview.

Since the revelation, several people have demanded a share of the alleged stolen money, including on social media platforms with some even shedding tears in videos circulated online.

The pushing and shoving continued inside the stadium where mothers with children on their backs where trapped in the crowds.Sounds of babies wailing were the order of the day as the heat and hunger amid the squashing made the situation unbearable.

A number of boys in school going age could also be seen carrying crates of drinks, packs of water and doughnut vending them to the thirsty and hungry crowd.

Source-Daily News

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