Woman dumped after months of s##king lover’s organ – sues him


A heartbroken Bulawayo woman sued her ex-lover for $10 000 as  compensation for reneging on a promise to marry her and  the “embarrassment” she suffered when she sucked his manhood as a way of meeting his sexual needs.

The woman, Eniah Nyajichi from Makokoba suburb, claimed her ex-lover Lake Musarurwa from Selborne Park had a malfunctioning organ and that she was fulfilling his sexual needs by masturbating him.



The stunning details of the act are contained in a suit filed by Nyajichi at the Bulawayo Civil Court under case Number 1009/ 17 in which she claimed Musarurwa was also inserting his fingers into her organ as a way of gratifying himself.

“The plaintiff (Eniah Nyajichi) and respondent (Lake Musarurwa) lived as husband and wife from October 2016 to 21 December 2016. This was after respondent had proposed marriage and plaintiff agreed.

Despite the respondent’s malfunctioning male organ plaintiff would satisfy respondent’s (sexual) needs through sucking and masturbating him and respondent would also in turn use his fingers on complainant to gratify himself,” the summons read in part.

According to Nyajichi, sucking and masturbating was being done virtually on a daily basis without any complaints.

Things, however, took an ugly turn on 21 December 2016 when Musarurwa reneged on a promise to marry her and subsequently chased her from his house.

This prompted a heartbroken Nyajichi to take a legal route and sue Musarurwa for $10 000 for the “embarrassment” she claimed she suffered by sucking his manhood and masturbating him on a daily basis.

“Applicant therefore prays that she be paid a total sum of $10 000 it being for breach of contract to marry, wasted time and the ’embarrassment’ she suffered by sucking, masturbating  and licking the manhood of someone who knew he did not love (sic)”.

Musarurwa is yet to respond within seven working days to the summons which were filed last week on Thursday.