Woman offers her male workers se_x as part of her salary


In a shocking incident, a married woman from Manhubu Village in Zaka under Chief Ndanga was allegedly coercing her two male domestic workers into having se_x with her as part of their monthly payments.

The woman, Kesina Rusosa’s shenanigans of regularly paying her herdboys with se_xual services were exposed after one of them later turned down the offer claiming he was tired of her services.

Apparently the herdboy started complaining stating that he could not fend for his family with se_xual favours, before he reported the matter to neighbours who later alerted Rusosa’s husband Joseph Makwanda.


According to a source from the area, after receiving the shocking news, Makwanda confronted his wife who confessed that she had been paying their domestic workers in “kind” for a long time.

“What was happening is that Rusosa was coercing her two workers into having se_xual intercourse with her as part of their payment and one of them who seemed to have been fed up with Rusosa’s se_xual services started complaining that he was no longer interested in sleeping with her as he wanted money to buy food for his family.

His complaint did not however, go down well with his fellow colleague who still wanted to be paid in se_x.Following the fallout the disgruntled man told neighbours who later alerted the woman’s husband.

“When confronted by her husband the woman confessed that she indeed slept with their domestic workers as a way of paying them. The shocked husband reported the matter to his in-laws before approaching Chief Ndanga who later presided over the matter,” said a source who preferred anonymity for fear of reprisals.

When reached for comment Chief Ndanga confirmed the incident.

“It is true that I presided over a case of that nature. This was after Joseph Makwanda approached my court saying his wife had been cheating on him with their domestic workers. It was indeed a shocking matter which attracted the attention of villagers who crammed my court during trial. As part of my ruling I ordered the woman to pay two beasts to her husband,” he said.

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